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Made In The USA / Manufactured At FDA

Registered and GMP Certified Facilities / 3rd Party

Laboratory Tested For Purity, Potency & Quality:


✓ Gluten Free.

✓ Non-GMO.

✓ Vegan Friendly.

✓ Vegetarian.

✓ Lactose Free.



With Fit-Fuel POWER Pre-Workout you can expect to Maximize your Training Intensity and engage in explosive intense workouts . Fit-Fuel POWER Promotes strength, endurance, & muscle growth with increased focus for mental sharpness . Loaded with scientifically backed ingredients, at clinically effective dosages, you will notice a significant boost of muscle strength and endurance. Betaine Anhydrous is primarily known as a Strength and POWER output ingredient and we have just the right amount in Fit-Fuel POWER Pre-workout!


Here are the benefits of Betaine:


Betaine attracts water into the muscle cells.

Betaine improves cellular hydration.

Betaine improves power & strength.

Betaine supports heart health.


Betaine pulls water into the muscle cells. This increases muscle fullness or volume. This process is also called water-based pumps.



Additionally, by attracting water, betaine improves hydration. Also, betaine for muscle building has become common because it supports power, strength, and muscle growth.

Fit-Fuel POWER

$39.99 Regular Price
$36.99Sale Price
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