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Fit-Habit Coaching

 1 on 1 online Coaching Program

No More stressing about what to eat and what exercises to do!


We Got you Covered with

"Fit-Habit Coaching"


Your Fitness Journey should be PERSONAL, CONVENIENT, and EFFECTIVE!  That's why we combine the best of

1-on-1 coaching with the state-of-the art technology to bring an experience that's built just for YOU, whatever your skill level and wherever you are!


We build custom workout plans,  provide nutritional guidance, accountability, Daily motivations & Declarations, all in your pocket!!! Everything is sent directly to your mobile device and Apple Watch! No more driving to meet your trainer  Your Coach is always only 1 click away. We Will Train you how to develop Healthy HABITS!




What You get

Habit Coaching

Dedicated Coach

Consistency is Key!  That's why your coach knows what it takes to keep you Going! They are always available 24/7 via the chat feature within the app.  Your coach is constantly monitoring your activity online and proactively check in with you daily! You must maintain a 80% Exercise Compliance Score! 

Nutrition Coaching

Meal Plans

Nutrition is key in order to achieve your Fitness goals!  Your coach will build you 

Your personalized meal plan with recipes and shopping list, Portion Guides,Nutrient Summary, Informative Graphs

and coach you to make healthier food choices.  You will receive a nutritional score base on your daily food intake.

Fitness Plan

Custom Fit Plan

No Weights.  No Problem!

Your coach will custom build you body-weight workouts that'll push you to your limits!

Have some equipment?

Your coach can work with your existing equipment in your home or gym to help you achieve your goals!


Your personalized exercise program will be sent to your mobile device with Performance Tracking, Workout Calendar, Progress photos, Workout Reminders, Online Personal workout sessions,  Access to  , "On Demand Workouts" (10-Minute Burn, 25-Minute Burn) and more!



This Fitness Journey can be very overwhelming at times.  This is why your Coach is invested to be your number #1 support system.  Your coach will keep you motivated with daily motivations and declarations weekly video call check-ins to discuss your week.  You are not alone on this journey! 

Fitness Coaching

Knowledge is Power

Not sure how to do a particular exercise? 

Your coach is there to explain.  They tell you what weights to use, how long your recovery period should take, and where to target your heart rate for maximum performance.

Your coach can schedule unlimited Virtual Training Session with you to make sure you are using proper form and technique.  

On the Go

On The Go Training

You're busy, We Get it!!! That's why we build your workouts around your schedule. Your fitness plan is flexible!  Your coach is there to make adjustments on the fly and keep you consistent no matter what life throws your way! 


Travel For Work or Going on Vacation?  No Problem! 

Your coach can build workouts for you to do in your hotel room or gym.  Send us a pic or video of the hotel equipment and we will have a new plan for you asap!

The enemy of success is inconsistency!  We keep you consistent even on the Go!

Unlimited Virtual Training Sessions

Unlimited Virtual Training Sessions

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