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FAT BURNER to get Shredded

Fit-Fuel Reviews

Fit-Fuel Reviews

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Owner of Chef Lavish

Allante C.

“I’m super glad I jumped on this new product from Fit-Habit! It’s honestly one of the best pre-workouts I’ve used. Usually when mixed with water pre-work always seem to have a medicine type after taste which is disgusting, but this Mango Peach Fizz is delicious! I definitely experienced laser focus and energy. I’d absolutely recommend this product due to its quality, taste and results!...Money well spent!” - Allante C

Glendale, AZ


Customer Service Senior Associate

Patricia D.

Fit-habit has been a true blessing to me. I’m learning exactly what works for me. I like the fact I can reach out to Emmanuel for anything, anytime and he’s there. He’s spirit is so sweet. You know he really cares and what to see you win! Try the preworkout formula as well. Never used one until now and it really does give you energy, helps you sweat and stay focus during the workout.

Phoenix, AZ



Johnny Gentry III

I switched from my major namebrand pre-workout formula to Fit Habit formula. It has a cleaner energy boost and tastes much better. I love Emmanuel’s passion for his clients’ success and I’m looking forward to my personalized fitness training sessions!

Houston, TX



Janell T.

So I got my order in from Fit Habit yesterday and I tried it this morning! 🎉I must say that I have had energy all day and still got some now lol!👍🏼 I was a lil hard headed (just a lil) and took an almost full scoop but it was fine. I have a high tolerance so it worked out. The taste is great, I really like that it dissolved completely in water, and no after taste🙌🏽

Win win product🔥🔥

Bartlett, TN

carlena fitfuel.jpg

Special Needs Educational Assistant

Carlena W.

I have never used a pre-workout formula before this week. I knew absolutely nothing about it until I was educated in its benefits and purpose by my fitness coach Emmanuel Allen. I must say investing in the fit fuel product was one of the best decisions I could have made. I absolutely love this product. The taste is amazing and the energy it gives me is great. It doesn't cause me to crash at the end of the day which I truly appreciate. Thanks again Emmanuel for helping me to get another step closer to achieving my fitness goals!

Cordova, TN

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