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Fit-Whey Isolate is made from Ultra-filtered Whey Isolate that is extremely low fat and lactose.

Fit-Whey Isolate contains both Papain and Protease for protein absorption and no cheap ingredients like Glycine or Taurine, to increase protein levels.

Fit-Whey Isolate is absorbed immediately, flooding your muscles with key amino acids. This makes Fit-Whey Isolate the Perfect Protein to take immediately after your workout, when your muscles crave protein the most.


-25g Protein Per Serving

- 0 Added Sugar

- Only 1g of Carbohydrates per serving

- Digestive Enzymes for Absorption

- 100% Whey Isolate

- Cold Pressed, Ultra Filtered Whey Protein

- Mixes Easily

- Taste Whey too Good!

Fit-Whey Protein Isolate (Chocolate)

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$44.99Sale Price
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