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Made In The USA / Manufactured At FDA Registered

and GMP Certified Facilities / 3rd Party Laboratory

Tested For Purity, Potency & Quality:

✓ Gluten Free.

✓ All Natural.

✓ Non-GMO.

✓ Zero Added Sugar.

✓ Vegan Friendly.

✓ Vegetarian.

✓ Organic.

✓ Lactose Free.

✓ NSF Certified Product.



Fit-Tox is the Ultimate Detox Formula with Acai Berry Complex!


- Supports Weight Loss Efforts

- Helps Reduce Desire to Eat

- Free Radical Scavenger

- Energy Boosts.






Free Radical Scavenger is A substance, such as an antioxidant, that helps protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.



Free radicals are unstable molecules that are made during normal cell metabolism and can cause damage to the cells and tissue resulting in chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.





Fit-Tox main ingredients:


Psyllium Husk Powder Supports healthy digestion, gut microbiome, healthy bowl movements,blood sugar regulation, and natural appetite suppressant.  Increases stool water significant changes in microbiota in constipated patients.  Reduces constipation via reduction of the bacterial genus associated with hard stools


Acai Berry Extract

Supports antioxidant function, reduces blood pressure, supports kidneyhealth, supports blood sugar regulation, supports cardiovascular health,and may combat against cancer


INULIN is a type of dietary fiber. Research has linked it to several health benefits, such as improving digestive health, helping control diabetes, and aiding weight loss.






Apart from expelling nasty parasites, fungus and bacteria that can interfere with digestion, Black Walnut Hulls promote healthy digestion and gastrointestinal health. They encourage bowel regularity due to their gentle laxative effect and promote healthy bile flow.




CHLORELLA is a type of algae that packs a big nutrient punch, as it's a good source of several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, emerging research shows that it could help shuttle toxins out of your body and improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, among other health benefit





Supports digestive, cardiovascular, and metabolic health.  Supports reduction in total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol(LDL-C) levels, glucose, and H1AC

Supports cardiovascular health via reduced levels of fasting bloodglucose, HbA1c, triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and increased HDL cholesterol.  Increases glucose absorption via high molecular weight enhancing glucose transport.  Reduces serum concentrations of cholesterol via reducing the absorption of cholesterol from the gut. 


Skin Benefits Include:

* Increasing your skin's natural elasticity. * Decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. * Maximizing the hydration levels of your skin while locking moisture in. * Soothing irritations.




LYCOPENE is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits, including sun protection, Supports prostate health, cardiovascular support, anti-inflammatory, and chemopreventive properties against cancer





Supports immune health, antioxidant function, and may combat livercarcinogenesis


Recent studies have shown that slippery elm bark can help treat the symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).





Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a plant that's been used medicinally for centuries, possibly even as far back as Biblical times (it's mentioned in the Old Testament). The above-ground parts of the plant are what are used for medicine, not the roots.



Traditional uses of hyssop include treatment for


Digestive aid

Liver problems

Gallbladder disease


Intestinal pain




Sore throat


Urinary tract infections

Poor circulation

Menstrual cramps








You constantly feel fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed

You experience frequent headaches and/or lack of mental clarity

You often have skin breakouts and blemishes and/or a tired, dull and lack-luster complexion

You seem to pick up colds, flu, bugs, and viruses easily and are often on medication

Your digestion is troublesome, uncomfortable and irregular

You slip into making less-healthy food choices and often have fried foods, processed meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, refined sugar or fast food

You frequently have coffee, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or cigarettes

You are exposed to common environmental toxins such as carbon emissions, cigarette smoke, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fragrances, and household chemicals

You are carrying excess body weight

You often feel emotionally unstable, depressed, unmotivated and lacking energy and enthusiasm for life

Your breath body odor seem to have an alarming stink, no matter how much deodorant or toothpaste you use

Fit-Tox Ultimate Detox

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