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Spending hours at the gym, eating healthy, and still not seeing the Results you desire? Maybe it's the stress in your life that's preventing you from achieving your goals.  It is scientifically proven that increased anxiety & stress can lead to premature ageing, weak immune system, weight gain & insomnia etc.  This is the Ultimate Weight-Loss Package with Stress Control!  


Bundle Includes

(1) Fit-Burn Fat Burner (60 Capsules)

(1) Fit-Tox Ultimate Detox (60 Capsules)

(1) V-Fit Vegan Protein (Plant-Base 2LBS)

(1) Calm Down Stress Relief (30 Servings) 


Fit-Burn Fat Burners

An advanced thermogenic fat-burning formula containing a synergistic blend of nine ingredients to support fat loss in multiple pathways.  If taken daily, these ingredients support metabolism and fat-burning.  When combined with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet, Fit-Burn can help you reach your weightloss goals!  

Advanced Fat-Loss Formula

  • Assists increase muscle strength
  • Helps appetite control 
  • Metabolism support
  • Helps Mental Focus
  • Energy Booster


Fit-Tox Ultimate Detox

Fit-Tox is the Ultimate Detox Formula with Acai Berry Complex!


- Supports Weight Loss Efforts

- Helps Reduce Desire to Eat

- Free Radical Scavenger

- Energy Boosts.


Free Radical Scavenger is A substance, such as an antioxidant, that helps protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.


Free radicals are unstable molecules that are made during normal cell metabolism and can cause damage to the cells and tissue resulting in chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.



V-Fit Vegan Protein with MCT Oil

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to

animal-based protein you have found it!

V-Fit Vegan protein is made up of three vegan proteins; Quinoa, Brown Rice and Pea Isolate. These provide a COMPLETE PROTEIN with essential amino acids, vitamins, and the minerals that your body needs. They are also higher

in fiber which will aid in weight management.


V-Fit Vegan Protein contains no articial sweeteners, colors

or flavors. This, along with the protein blend, will help

relieve stress on your digestive system. A blend of

eleven different super fruits provides antioxidants to help you with your overall health.


Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are naturally occurring fatty acids of the ‘good’ kind that are well-known for their beneficial effects on the body


MCTs are essential for people looking to increase energy levels and build up endurance by improving your thermogenesis, burning fat at a higher rate to improve cellular energy production


So what are the reasons to mix MCT oil with protein? MCT promotes weight loss because it increases fat oxidation (using the fat we have for energy). Also, MCT oil helps provide quick energy as it doesn’t need to be digested ‒ it’s converted straight into energy by the liver. For those that work out, MCT oil improves performance by reducing lactic acid during exercise.


Calm Down Stress Relief


Many people are searching for ways to relax and feel calm. It is scientifically proven that increased anxiety & stress can lead to premature ageing, weak immune system, weight gain & insomnia etc. Reduce your stress levels with “CALM Down”



- Helps Reduce & Combat the Effects of Occasional Stress & Anxiety

-Promotes Relaxation

-Contains Ashwagandha 

-Anxiety Disorder & Depression

-Prevent Panic Attacks

-Social Anxiety

-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

-Shortness Of Breath

-Positive Vibes

-Calming Effect

-Relaxed Mood

-Promotes Serotonin Increase


Ashwagandha is clinically proven to reduce anxiety by lowering cortisol aka "stress hormone" levels. This adaptogenic herb complex quickly & naturally lowers anxiety, reduces negativity & improves mood.




Take Fit-Burn Fat Burners First Thing in the Morning with Food

Take the Fit-Tox Detox twice a day. 1 Capsule during the day and 1 in the Evening

Take the Protein immediately After You finish working out

Take the Calm Down capsules once a day 20-30 minutes before a meal 

Complete Weight-Loss Bundle With Stress Control

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